How to get to Glasbruket?

We have a link on our website (the Contact-header) where you'll find a map of the area. The address is: Glasbruksvägen 280, 69500 MUNSALA.
When you arrive at Glasbruket you'll first see house 5 at your left and house 2 and 3 a little bit further down the road.

How to get the key?

There is a key-box located beside the door of each of the houses.
Before your arrival we will send you the invoice accompanied by the code to the key-box. If you do not receive the code before your stay, call or e-mail us!

Are there any kitchen supplies?

Our kitchens are fully equipped with tableware and cooking supplies. However, if you want any decorations, such as candles or table-linens, you'll have to bring those yourselves.
In house 5 there are tableware for 50 people, and in the 2 other houses for 20 people. The tableware includes several kinds of glasses, plates and flatware. (including champagne-glasses)

How many beds are there, and are extra beds available?

All our houses have three bedrooms with 2 beds each. In addition to this, there are three extra beds + bedlinens that you can place wherever you like.
If you need more beds than this we can deliver theese for an additional expense. Tell us what you need when you book your stay.

Are there any towels?

All houses are equipped with both big and small towels for 15 guests. 

Is there a grill?

Each of our houses have a big gas grill placed on the patio. The gas is included.

What about the final clean-out, is it included?

The clean-out is included. But if you are a bigger group, it would be greatly appreciated if you do the dishes during your stay so that
when we do the final clean-out we will be able to fit all the remaining dishes in the dishwasher.

When do you pay for your stay?

The invoice is sent 10-30 days before your stay in the case of short-stay booking (1-2 days).
Longer bookings are billed 20% directly after the booking is made and 80% 10-30 days before the stay.

What is the fee for canceling?

There is no fee for canceling short-stay bookings (1-2 days) as long as you cancel your booking 30 days before the day of the check-in. 
In the case of longer stays, where part of the payment is made directly after the reservation, we expostulate the right to
withhold the prepaid 20% of the bill. In case the period of the booking can be sold to another customer we will give you a total refund.