House 2

Houses 2 and 3 are identical. They are well suited for groups of 15-16 persons. Fitting all people into the same table/place for dinner, is borderline. For staying overnight, all three houses have three bedrooms each, with two fixed beds. Additionally, there are 3 extra beds per house. You can cook food yourself in our well equipped kitchens The price for one day is (16 o'clock - 12 o'clock) 390 €. The price includes cleaning at the end, warmed up water for the outdoor spa, made beds, towels, swim caps, a big outdoor grill on the terrace, well equipped house and kitchen etc.

  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Fixed beds: 6
  • Extra beds: 3
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Sauna: 1
  • Table seats: 10-15
  • Terrace: glassed, with outdoor spa